Episode 13

Published on:

30th Jun, 2021

Episode 12

Published on:

23rd Jun, 2021

Episode 11

Published on:

16th Jun, 2021

Episode 10

Published on:

9th Jun, 2021

Episode 9

Published on:

2nd Jun, 2021

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About the Podcast

Building a Furniture Brand with Ethan Abramson
Every Wednesday, Host Ethan Abramson talks to your favorite furniture makers and woodworking professionals to give you a look at - the business behind the furniture business. 

Learn about how these entrepreneurs went from just keeping the lights on to succeeding in the industry. Go inside their companies, inside their pricing, and get inside their heads as they teach you about what they have done both wrong and right along their journey to get to where they are today. 

To learn more about the show visit - http://buildingafurniturebrand.com/ (buildingafurniturebrand.com)

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