Episode 128

Published on:

25th Sep 2023

128 _ Building on the Bad with Kelly and Cromwell Schupp of Rail & Stile

This episode is with Kelly and Cromwell Schupp, owners of the furniture company Rail & Stile

If you want to hear the full story behind how Rail & Stile got started, check out the show archives - episode 127 

Shipping furniture is always a nightmare, and even though Kelly and Cromwell put so much effort into building their company, they have still struggled with shipping just like everyone else. This is a story of how even though they hired a big time shipper, got the insurance, and made sure the piece went out correctly, they still had a terrible situation they needed to deal with. 

But did they let the experience ruin their reputation or did they find a way to make it right with their customer? That story, coming up, right after a quick word from our sponsors.

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